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EZCast Pocket


Abut EZCast Pocket

Easily mirror whatever shows on your laptop or mobile screen, ideal for video-watching, game-play, and idea sharing.

1. Type-C
3. Mirror / Pair
4. Reset

Display the contents passed from your transmitter on the big screen like HDTV or projector screen.

EZCast Pocket startup screen

2. Reset

How to mirror

EZCast Pocket startup screen

1. Install the receiver:Use the Type C connector to connect EZCast Receiver to the HDMI port on TV, and power on by an independent power 5V/1A adapter.
2. Plug and mirror: Plug EZCast TwinX to laptop or mobile and wait for mirroring automatically.

3. Stop and restart mirroring:Press the mirror / pair button on the transmitter to stop mirroring or restart mirroring.