Princeton partners with EZCast Pro to bring wireless display technology to Japan

Princeton launches EZCast Pro LAN in Japan to provide wireless display solutions to commercial and educational industries

EZCast Pro, the leading cross-platform wireless display provider, partners with Princeton, 株式会社プリンストン, to bring wireless display technology to Japan. The new EZCast Pro LAN model will become the heart of wireless display solutions from Princeton in commercial and educational industries.
EZCast Pro has been the market leader in wirelessly projecting technology in commercial and educational markets. The latest EZCast Pro LAN uses EZCast wireless protocol to seamlessly mirror contents from phones and laptops to display on HDTVs and projectors. The enterprise solution allows for multiple users casting simultaneously onto a split-screen interface, which allows an administrator to moderate the meeting for maximum efficiency. Each EZCast Pro LAN is shipped with HDMI to VGA adapter to ensure broader compatibility with VGA-only TVs and projectors.
Princeton is an expert in providing computer peripheral equipment, specializing in digital conferencing systems. Princeton’s experience in providing total solutions to large corporations makes them a great ally in developing the Japanese domestic market.
“By partnering with Princeton, we are building the best digital conferencing solutions in Japan around EZCast Pro,” said Stan Chen, Head of Product Marketing for EZCast Pro. “Princeton’s expertise in supplying to large corporations makes them the ideal advocate for our technologies.”

EZCast technology used in Dowlab’s latest wireless projector

Dowlab’s latest wireless projector is being listed on one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in China, Taobao. Dowlab has designed a projector, in the shape of a penguin, which uses EZCast’s wireless display solution to support Miracast, Airplay, and EZCast protocols to mirror content from smart devices to the projector via WiFi. Since launching the crowdfunding campaign in April, the project has more than exceeded the funding goal of RMB 100,000, by reaching 217% of the target, 20 days before the application closes. The penguin projector marks the beginning of Dowlab’s road to become a major projector brand in the consumer market.

About EZCast

EZCast and EZCast Pro are registered trademarks of Actions Microelectronics, a company devoted to providing SoC chips and system solutions to display and projection markets worldwide. EZCast’s mission is to make multimedia content viewing and information sharing experiences easier and better than ever.

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