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January 11, 2016
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Security enhancement suggestions to EZCast users for Check Point’s report

EZCast team has noted the report : and we welcome all comments, advices and suggestions from users and organizations. Based on them, EZCast team can keep on improving to make EZCast better for our users.

Security is always our top priority and this is also why EZCast access point adopts WPA2, the highest security level as the premium home router has. Consequently, we will take further actions in our coming firmware update to increase the security level and improve the issues that Check Point has highlighted. Before the next firmware update, EZCast users can take the following configurations, which already exist in the dongle's setting, to make EZCast dongle more resilient to hackers’ attacks.

1. EZCast suggests users to change the password, combining with numbers, alphabets and special symbols, for higher security level. Similar to the home router, complex and frequently changing password enhances the security.

2. EZCast allows users to configure the dongle to be "Via router only." For this configuration, the only way to access the dongle is through the home router. This makes EZCast be able to hide behind the protection of home network security.

EZCast team would like to thank Check Point’s report for reminding our weakness of the network security. For the apps and devices serving more than 3 million users globally, it’s our responsibility to keep improving the security of our products and services. The safer, the happier casting.

EZCast Public Relation: Henry
EZCast, Happy Casting

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