Dual WiFi
Integrate dual WiFi to support 2.4Ghz 802.11n and 5Ghz 802.11ac for the best performance.
USB device support
New AirDisk function to support USB mass storage and HID devices back control.
USB Disk Support (AirDisk)
Air Disk allows users to playback video, music and document in external USB disk.

Internet Access Control
Administrator can control the internet access through Pro Box.
Air Control
Air Control through RS232 interface allows users to remote access external devices, such as projectors.
Direct Link (Miracode)
Easy&Quick to link to device without searching form devie list or IP.

Powerful EZCast Pro App
Multimedia Support
Not only Photo and Music but also support up to 1080p Video decode capability.
Office Viewer
Document decoder support presentation through WiFi, and users can use Sktech tool to edit content.
Split Screen Display
Support full screen, dual display or max. 4 different displays input.
Cloud Storage & Video Channel
Dropbox/iCloud/Google drive cloud storages support and EZChannel for video channel.
Broadcast current display content to multiple devices.
In-app web browser to show internet contents.
EZCast Pro Series Products :

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