Why Choose EZCast

EZCast now supports casting to EZCast
EZCast从1.8.0版本(Windows/Android/iOS/Mac)开始支持互相投影, 请升级您的EZCast App来使用投影到EZCast功能!

App Functions EZCast AirServer Squirrels Splashtop
Windows TX EZCast, Free NA AirParrot (14.99) Mirror360 Sender (6.99)
Windows RX EZCast, Free AirServer (14.99) Reflector2 (14.99) Mirror360 (14.99)
Android TX/RX EZCast, Free NA NA Mirror360 Sender(TX only)
Android RX For Android Box/TV EZCast Screen, Free NA Reflector (6.99) Mirror360 Receiver (6.99)
Mac/iOS TX/RX EZCast, Free NA NA NA
Chrome TX EZCast, Free NA NA Mirror360 Sender
Windows to Windows Free NA USD14.99+ USD14.99 USD6.99+ USD14.99
Android to Windows Free NA USD14.99 (google cast) USD14.99
Mac/iOS to Windows Free USD14.99 USD14.99 USD14.99
Chrome to Windows Free, coming soon NA USD14.99 (google cast) USD14.99

Windows to Android Free NA USD14.99+ USD6.99 USD6.99
Android to Android Free NA NA USD6.99
Mac/iOS to Android Free NA USD6.99 USD6.99+ USD14.99
Chrome to Android Free, coming soon Free Free USD6.99

Windows to iOS Free NA NA NA
Android to iOS Free NA NA NA
Mac/iOS to iOS Free NA NA NA
Chrome to iOS Free, coming soon NA NA NA
Hardware Appliances EZCast series devices NA NA NA



Extend laptop's display to your phone and pad

Extend or mirror your windows laptop to your phone and pad with EZCast apps installed in both sides. Extend your view wirelessly.

Mirror phone and pad to your laptop

Mirror phone and pad to your windows and mac laptop. View all you care in one screen.

Mirror or stream your phone to friends' one

Mirror your phone or stream your secret videos to your friends' phone for fun and sharing. Only for best friends.

Present your ideas by mirroring your laptop

Mirror your laptop display to others when meeting. Face to face discussion is the most effective.

Make your Tablet/Phone a Surveillance camera

Do not waste your aged phone. Install EZCast to make it a surveillance camera for monitoring your love from your PC or Pad.

Multiple devices Mirroring

Make your presentation more interesting by sharing multiple devices like iOS,Android,Windows and Mac to EZCast Screen.

Casting to Android Phone/Pad/Android Box & TV

Casting to iPhone/iPad

Casting to iMac/MacBook

Casting to Windows Laptop

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